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Vietnam visa fees and Overall Cost of Vietnam Visas

You have to pay two types of fees to get your Vietnam visa: Visa Approval Letter Fee, you should pay Visas fees online with Visa application and Stamping Fee (paid in cash at Vietnam airports).



This service fees are per application, Visa type, number of applicants and processing time and are exclusive of Consular fees, government agency fees and third party fees.

This is the fee that the applicants have to pay online to website in order to process the visa approval letter application.

Vietnam Visa Stamping Fees


Stamping fee is the fee that the applicants must pay in cash at the landing visa counter to Immigration Officer at Vietnam International Airport. The rate is publicly announced in Government website and you will receive a red bill for the payment. Credit cards are not accepted.

After submitting your payment online, please allow 1 working days to process your fee payments before continuing to the next step.

Current visa pricing table

To help you work out the price of your visa, the Visa Pricing Table is divided into categories, Visa subcategories that correspond with what you plan to do in Vietnam. The categories defined in the Visa Pricing Table are Tourist and Business visas.

Price table applicable to following list of eligible 236 countries and territories for Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam Tourist Visa Fee for United States

Types of VisaNormal (Gauranteed 2 working days)Urgent (Gauranteed 1 working days)Super Urgent(Gauranteed 4 working hours)Stamping day
1 pax2 pax3-5 pax6-9 pax10 pax up
Single Entry1 month$21$18.25$17.25$15.25$14$10$30$25
3 month$34$30.25$28.25$26.25$22$10$30$25
Multiple Entry1 month$26$23.25$22.25$19.25$17$10$30$50
3 month$55$52.25$46.75$39.05$33$10$30$50

Vietnam Business Visa Fee for United States

Types of VisaNormal (Gauranteed 2 working days)Urgent (Gauranteed 1 working days)Super Urgent(Gauranteed 4 working hours)Stamping day
1 pax2 pax3-5 pax6-9 pax10 pax up
Single Entry1 month$96$92$89$88$86$30$50$25
3 month$131$126$122$120$118$30$50$25
Multiple Entry1 month$110$105$103$101$99$30$50$50
3 month$55$52.25$46.75$39.05$33$10$25$50
Multiple Entry1 year$506$482$467$457$447$30$50$135
6 month$361$344$333$326$320$30$50$95

Private approval letter fee

Private approval letter fee will be added 10 USD/letter

Processing Time

Processing Time

Normal processing: Get Vietnam visa within 2-3 working days.

Urgent processing: Get Vietnam visa within 1 working day.

Super urgent processing: Get Vietnam visa within 4 working hours.

**Note:- Working Days: Vietnam Immigration Department working time 8.00 am – 10.30 am and 13.30 pm – 15.00 pm (GMT+7) (Exclude Saturday, Sunday and national holidays).

Ad-on Services fees

Airport Fast - Track

At airport our team will take care you for immigration produces, Airport Fast Track will greatly reduce your time waiting in lines on airport. You will be hasten at a Vietnam airport, including getting through, Customs and having your passport visa stamped. Additional fee of $25 per person for this service will be applicable.

Car Pick up at The Airport

Our team will welcome you at arrival hall with your name sign, pick up (4 Seats) and transfer to your hotel within City. Additional fee of 35USD (Chevrolet Captiva, Honda Civic, Toyota Innova, Ford Everest)

Stamping Fee

Following are Stamp Fee updates for 2018 (price per person):

  • 1 month, 3 months Single entry: 25usd / person
  • 1 month, 3 months Multiple entries: 50usd / person
  • 6 months Multiple entries: 95usd / person
  • 1 year Multiple entries: 135usd / person

Applicants pay Stamp Fees directly at the airport in cash using either Vietnam dong or U.S. dollars. If you have any questions regarding visa fees or currencies please contact us.

Source: Immigration department of Vietnam

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