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Vietnam passport?

Overseas Vietnamese residing, working or studying in the United States can apply for passport renewal in person or by mail to the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC.

1. Passport Renewal :- for those who still keep their expired or to be expired passports.

2. Passport Replacement due to damage / loss :- Overseas Vietnamese residing in the US with damaged Vietnam passport or without a Vietnamese passport ( due to loss ) can apply for passport replacement in person or by mail.

3. Application for first time passport :- For those who have never had a Vietnam passport.

4. Birth Registration and Passport for US-Born Children :- Record in the birth registration book, Children born in the US to Vietnamese parents ( who have valid Vietnam passport ) to parents, one of whom is not Vietnamese and whose birth certificates have been issued by the US relevant authority, can apply for Vietnamese birth certificate and passport.

5. Passport Renewal for Adopted Children :- Adopted children can keep their citizenship by renewing their Vietnamese passports.