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It is known for its beauty and mysterious allure, around 1600 plus limestone Islands and islets can explore here with history of more than 18,000 years, some of these are older than this around 20 million years. Many of the islands have caves and grottoes that you can easily explore. One of the most popular Grotto is Thien Cung, located on Dau Go Island.

The interesting facts of Halong Islands and islets are that only half of them are named. Most of those names are based on their appearance and shape. A good example of Voi Island as it remembers an elephant image. The bay is not deep, only 33 feet deep but its marine life is very rich and vast, there are some good snorkelling opportunities here.

Featured an astonishing collection of populous floating fishing villagers, Emerald green Waters, covered with looming limestone cliffs and rocky. Here is a cave in the bay known as the Hospital Cave, during American-Vietnam war, it served as both as secret, bomb proof hospital and can say a safe house for Vietnam leaders. Despite of various wars and invasions, the area has retains nearly all of its original splendour.

If we can talk about Vietnam, Halong Bay is the main focus point in terms of tourism, as it was spotted on the New Seven Wonders of Nature List. We can find it as a popular Gulf of Tonkin with sailing boats, overnight cruise ships and hundreds of country famous longboats add charm on its beauty.

Looking for something to eat then try Quang Anh, this is a floating farm/restaurant at the Ban Beo Peir. Anyone can easily pick fresh seafood from their pan/grid/fry or steamed right away on their tables.

The beauty of Halong Bay is remarkable that many big movies are filmed in the Bay, like James Bond in 1997.

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