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Guidelines for passport photos

Acceptable visa photos

Passport photo is required to get visa online. One or two newly photographs of the applicant (not more than 6 month old). On your photo, we need to be able to identify you clearly.

If your photo does not meet all of requirements, Vietnam Immigration will not be able to process your visa application until we receive an acceptable photo.

Please meets all of technical requirements of passport photos required at Vietnam airport

1. Professional photography
We advise to use a professional photographer or business that takes passport photos. Whilst it is not a requirement, but for the best results.

2. Paper applications
Paper application photos need to be 35mm wide and 45mm high.

3. Photo should meet specific requirements and specifications as regards of their oldness, quality, format, and background.

  • Photo Sample
  • Format

    Photo Sample

    Minimum allowable size

  • Format

    Photo Sample

    Maximum allowable size