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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Visa for Vietnam?

There are 2 ways to get a Visa of Vietnam, you can apply on your local Embassy or simple apply online. The easy and best way to get a Visa for Vietnam is online way. You can simply apply online and

Is a Visa required for Vietnam?

Yes, you’ll need to apply for a Visa before you enter Vietnam unless you’re are from a visa waiver country or transit visa waiver country, and you meet requirements for good character to enter Vie

What is the Visa policy of Vietnam?

The Visa policy of Vietnam as “other Countries Visitors must have Visa from Vietnamese Diplomatic Missions or through agency, with “Visa on Arrival Approval Letter” or E-Visa before arrival, unt

Do I need a Visa to travel to Vietnam?

Yes, You require a Visa to travel to Vietnam, If Only, your Countries of passport is not a Visa exempt country. You can apply with us.

How long to get Vietnam Visa?

You can get Vietnam Visa by “Visa Approval Letter” Processing time to get Tourist Visa via online application takes 2 working days in normal process, Urgent ( Guaranteed 1 working Day ) , Supe

How to get Vietnam Visa on arrival?

You can get Vietnam Visa on arrival by following these simple steps: All you need to do is, Fill a application form online. Pay the Visa Servicing Fees. Within 2 working days, you can get

How to apply for a Visa for Vietnam online?

You can simply apply through online form and pay the Visa fees, in 2 working days you get Visa Approval Letter print that and prepare at least two (4cm x 6cm) passport photos with your documents. Yo

How can apply Vietnam Visa?

You can apply Vietnam Visa through Filling Form Online or through Local Embassy. Online procedure is easy and fast way to get Vietnam Visa. For more inquire visit

Which Visa do i need for Vietnam?

You can have 3 main types of Visas for explore / visit / Business in Vietnam :- For Travelling and Exploring you need a Tourist Visa. You need Business Visa to conduct some Business in Vietnam.

What is visa on arrival approval letter in vietnam?

The Visa Arrival Approval Letter is a letter granted by Immigration Department of Vietnam, to get Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA). For visa approval letter please apply here.

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